Grandmother Moon blessing Navajo Nation

Grandmother Moon blessing Navajo Nation

May the sacred be restored in beauty.

—Navajo/Diné prayer

Some of the most powerful healing I’ve experienced has happened with friends or in community. Humans are relational beings, accustomed to touching one another. The power of a group to rewrite a painful experience; watching someone grow; remembering that pain simply connects me to others— the shoulders relax, the belly unclenches. And learning becomes a form of play— like kittens climbing trees, learning to hunt.

I have had the great privilege of teaching classes on mindfulness meditation, compassion, resiliency, stress reduction, working with challenging thoughts/emotions, and other wellness topics in a variety of settings— high schools and colleges, parent groups, research studies, corporate settings, wellness programs, and community centers. Contact me to schedule a class or series.

Starting Sept 2019, ongoing drop-in meditation group in West Oakland office at 6-7:30PM.